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We will be happy to arrange Custom Tours for you . We will meet your party of up to 20 people at your office or their hotel or other pre-arranged location and create a custom tour highlighting what you would like them to see. Or leave that all to us.  Larger groups can also be accommodated.

Our Custom Tours start at $395 (for up to 2.5 hours).  

On your specially-created walking tour, those on the tour will see the warmth, timeless beauty, and unique historic charm of Boston that will help make it the perfect event.

Boston Citywalks will greet you or your guests at your or their hotel and provide a unique guided walking tour of Boston that will highlight what makes the city so very special.

You can choose a variant of any of our Scheduled Tours or one on Boston's Cultural History, Boston Architecture, A Shopping Scouting Mission or to find out how to manage in the city as a newcomer or student.  Just tell us what you would like or leave it up to us.  We welcome the opportunity to design a tour just right for you!


Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden Lagoon
These personalized walking tours are perfect for:

.  Family Vacations and Tours
.  Weddings and Engagement Parties
.  Birthdays and Anniversaries
.  Reunions and Family Get-Togethers
.  Graduations and Special Events
.  Business Meetings and Conventions
.  School Visits, Job Interviews, etc.

Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden Lagoon